12 Useful Tips to Promote Your Game App

You may have created the most effective c within the world, however might you actually expect it to do to wonders for you while not having showcased it to the world? Sadly, No. Since the web market is flooded with a superfluity of exciting game apps, like card games, sport games, brain games, etc., it becomes preponderating to work out ways in which bring your game app the most eyeballs of your target market.

Your game app could sport top-notch user expertise, extremely interactive options, wonderful characters, unmatched user engagement and additional however while not promotion, it’s next to not possible to urge your game app the much-needed first users. Promotion is that the solely suggests that to let the planet understand that you simply wear supply a game app that keeps them enthralled and super-entertained. The more “Game app development company promotes your game app, the more whole awareness you produce across the planet.

However, game app developers usually stumble once it involves game app promotion, just because of not being attentive to the way to produce a buzz within the play market and what the proper promotion ways are. Knowing that, we’ve got offered you twelve distinctive, extremely effective tips to market your game app and take it onto the trail of turning into successful.

  1. Offer app install using Facebook ads

The best way to get a lot of installs is using paid medium such as Facebook ads. Facebook offers advertising for app (Both Android & iOS).

  1. Finish and optimize your app

But before you submit your android app to the market, the application has to be fully complete with a good interface. Submitting a partial app will lower your users ratings and will blow your plan permanently.

  1. Submit to multiple stores

Google Play and App Store are the most popular, but there are many others such as Amazon App Store, which is good too.

  1. Make a freemium app

This has been the best way to get people to download premium apps. The free apps get the user base and then it will tend the user in buying add-ons or the full version of he/she likes it.

  1. Promoting through reviews

The best method to market your app is through content and reviews. There are few review sites that offer paid reviews.

  1. Promoting through free content

But there are services that offer free publicity too. It is a startup voting community that ranks apps submitted every month end.

  1. Promote on YouTube

Make a couple of YouTube videos showing how the app can be useful to people or entertain them. Try to make the video using a better clarity and understanding which is also worth sharing.

  1. Get a gorgeous icon

Have you ever downloaded an app with no icon? Well according to the app market, people app download apps large based on their icons.

  1. Use social media

Social media can be useful sometimes. Submit your app to the social media like Digg, stumble upon, Redditt, etc. and if your app deserves some attention, then you might be in for some better downloads.

  1. Press release

If you manage to get into one of those PR agencies who send out the newsletter to Techies to bloggers about latest android apps, getting into one such list is going to be very beneficial.

  1. Advertise your app

If you have developed a paid app, it’s always a wise idea to keep a budget for advertising too. Create a landing page for your app and put advertisement banner on popular niche blogs.

  1. Submit to product hunt

Product hunt is a social site where anyone can submit any interesting app, website and people will vote for it.


Top 10 Advantages of a Facebook Business Page/ Application

1.    Increased Exposure to Potential Customers

Need I say more?

If your business cannot realize new customers on Facebook, perhaps you ought to rethink your line of labor.

2.    Gather More Leads

Just having individuals like your page is not enough to supply yourself with a long-run, property business. Certain you’ll build a decent living short-run off simply exploitation your Facebook page.

But what if Facebook will truly disappear one day?

If you haven’t created a reference to your followers outside of Facebook, then you will be in bother.

That’s why good businesses gather leads within the sort of email addresses — in order that they will contact their community outside of Facebook.

Most try this through contests, giveaways and newsletters — and it is a proved system.
But you furthermore ought to watch out however you use your leads with the help of Facebook app development company.

For example, do not hammer fans with daily emails peddling affiliate product and alternative junk — unless that is what they signed up for.

Email them systematically once or doubly every week with useful info that additionally leads them to your web site — wherever they hopefully can become customers.

3.    Lower Your Marketing Expenses

Starting a Facebook business page prices you specifically $0.

Sure, you’ll pay an artist to style a profile image and canopy icon — however that is not a necessity.

Simply mistreatment images you’re taking of your business can work — and in some cases that is higher than an original image from a designer.

My purpose is that obtaining rolling with a page prices you nothing till you begin paying for ads to induce page Likes, boosting posts and running Sponsored Stories — all of that you ought to be doing together with your page.

Facebook ads are comparatively cheap compared to ancient print, radio or TV ads — and are 1,000x a lot of targeted.

4.    Reach a Targeted Audience

This is carry over from #3 — and it’s super vital.

Just because there are 1.19 billion Facebook users, it does not imply all of them wish to love your page.

In fact, I would not wish all of them to love my page — as a result of solely a little low proportion of them would really interact with my posts.

5.    Use Facebook Insights

I’ve admitted countless times that I am not a numbers guy — I simply do not get my jollies by dig through stats.

But I like the new Facebook Insights provided on Facebook business pages.

Because they are simple to know — even for non-technical individuals like me. And that they give nice information for business owners.

6.    Build Brand Loyalty

Besides being an area to create a client base and sell products, a Facebook business page will do wonders for serving to you build whole loyalty.

What precisely will that mean?

Well, if you systematically give valuable and fun content, your followers can keep loyal — even once you build mistakes.

These days, folks look on-line to seek out businesses to shop for from — and that they predominately search social media.

If your followers see you being active & responsive, they are far a lot of possible to do business with you than a corporation with no Facebook presence or a poorly run page.

7.    Increase Your Web Traffic

Smart Facebook page owners use their pages to drive traffic to their websites.
If all you are doing on Facebook is obtaining engagement on your posts, then you are very simply an entertainer — not a marketer.

So begin using link posts to drive traffic to your website.

The great issue regarding link posts is Facebook currently generates a full-width thumbnail image if your web site makes one out there.

Because they draw additional attention, these wider pictures are additional doubtless to induce clicked.

8.    Boost SEO

The topic of SEO and Facebook gets debated quite a bit.

Some argue that the knowledge within the concerning section of a business page is scraped and so searchable by Google.

It’s exhausting to accurately verify or dispute this claim.

I’ve tried looking with varied keywords for our page and don’t notice results related to Post Planner’s Facebook page.

But once somebody searches for “Post Planner” — our Facebook page shows informed page one of the Google search results.

I believe the additional ways in which folks will notice you the better!

9.    Be Mobile Ready

The overwhelming majority of Facebook users are accessing the positioning via their mobile devices — several of them solely with a mobile device.

As this trend grows — it becomes more and more vital for your business to possess a presence on Facebook.

The great factor a couple of Facebook page is Facebook will the work for you! — optimizing your page for each desktop and mobile devices.

The exception are the custom apps (tabs) on your page that are seen on the desktop however not on mobile devices (unless you offer the mobile friendly link created by an app supplier like ShortStack).

When folks read your Facebook page on a mobile device it shows users:

•    Hours of operation
•    Address
•    Reviews
•    Phone number to decision directly from the Facebook mobile app

10.    Spy on Your Competition!

An interesting new feature on Facebook pages lets businesses spy on competitors.

Now this does not mean you’ll be able to look over their shoulders and cross-check sales or results from their ads — however it is a good way to examine however others in your space and niche are growing on Facebook.

How to Successfully Hire Android Application Developer

Android is that the mobile operating system from Google that exists wide across a spread of smartphones still as tablets. There are a spread of tasks that are probably finished the automaton primarily based devices like yearning for info on the online, writing emails, looking out videos, sorting out directions.

Google has provided mechanical man is an open supply mobile application advancement system that is employed for creation of varied open supply jobs. These conductor application advancement helps customers in several alternative common tasks like downloading applications, obtaining sports and alternative news, watching the stock costs and plenty of such activities. The downloaded applications can facilitate the user in managing the checking account, ordering dish and enjoying games. There are several portable firms usually utilize this platform for mechanical man app primarily based remedies.

Besides the regular options of the mechanical man phones, they’re additionally extremely customizable to suit the tastes of the users like wallpapers, themes and launchers that brings a complete amendment within the interface of the mechanical man phones. One in all the simplest feature is that the automatic backing of the contacts.

The advantage offered is that notwithstanding the phone is lost, the numbers are going to be saved. If there’s a replacement phone purchased then identical numbers are mirrored on the address book of the new phone, with none want some to transfer the numbers.

The greatest advantage of the mechanical man phones lies within the incontrovertible fact that they’re simply purchased at a not thus high value.


Hiring Android Application Developer

Android is a lot of simply a mobile package, on the contrary it a complete development surroundings that provides pointers, tools and scheme that serves the aim of coming up with, building and business enterprise mobile applications that run on the assorted android steam-powered devices. There are several resemblances of the android mobile app development with net development and there are several firms that have jumped into the bandwagon of mobile app development and are making the most of this chance to create mobile apps as they’re showcased on the App Stores.

There is have to be compelled to rent an outsourcing firm for golem application developer that has straightforward development procedures, acquiring skilled android app developers functioning at versatile timings. The reliability of the android app development company has got to be judged by an intensive on-line analysis on the credentials of endeavor similar comes and guarantee to possess an in-depth oral communication with the android apps developer, before language on any sort of contract.

The rise of android era offers several blessings to rent android Application Developer, on account of the pliability and open supply nature of the platform.

So, rent an android app developer and build a strategic mobile application with excellence, that’s to not be surpassed by several others.

How to find a good mobile-app developer

  1. Choose someone who understand your needs

You want to make sure that the mobile app developer understands your necessities and business objectives. They ought to be ready to hear your plan, your needs, your business objective, your audience and your future arrange. An honest mobile-app developer would be ready to give you feedbacks, technical input and suggestions on your necessities. If they need had previous expertise within the same business, they ought to be ready to give you suggestions on the options furthermore. By doing this, you’ll learn the developer’s communication skills, technical information and additional significantly, inclination to your project.

Mobile App Developer |
  1. Ask them to brief your project

A good developer ought to be able to perceive your project scope, necessities and make a case for it back to you completely. You wish to understand if they need analyzed necessities properly and have valuable suggestions and queries for your project. You must give them your list of options, any sketch/layout of the planning, or an in depth RFP to induce most feedback from them. You must additionally raise them if they see any challenge in your project and the way they commit to overcome those challenges.

  1. Look at their technical capabilities

You should absolutely perceive their app development capabilities. You ought to comprehend if they’re equally capable of building apps for iOS and mechanical man. Do they build the apps employing a native app-development approach or cross-platform app-development approach? Do they acumen to style UI/UX of the app? Will they build the backend for the mobile app? Would they transfer the app to the app stores? However is their post-production support? You wish to confirm that they will do full-lifecycle development for you in order that you’ll get everything done at constant time to attenuate it slow and price.

  1. Look at their previous work

You can request the past work they need done on mobile apps. You’ll raise them to produce the portfolio and CVs of their developers. You’ll transfer and take a look at their apps. You wish to understand if they need engineered apps with similar functionalities. If you’re probing for Google Maps and push notifications in your app, you wish to create positive they need developed these options in previous apps. The developer’s expertise with similar options can scale back the number of your time developer can pay in building your app.

  1. Look at their reputation

You want to seem for reviews, awards and on-line name for the developers. Do they need consumer testimonials on their website? Are there reviews for them on third party sites like, UpWork, AppFutura or Google Reviews? Are there negative reviews for them? Check that to do some due diligence before you choose to rent them.

  1. Ask for their references

When you are able to rent them, you ought to fire two to three references that you just may call to listen to from their past customers. This can be an awfully common apply whenever you wish to rent a developer or a vendor for your IT comes, however many of us skip it. Their references

  1. What is their pricing model?

You want to grasp the valuation model that developer can follow to charge you. Would they charge you on hourly basis or fixed-cost basis? You wish to know however they’re going to invoice you and the way they’re going to send the time sheet if it’s hourly engagement. If its charge, you wish to grasp the milestones and price related to every milestone. You ought to draft an agreement that clearly mentions fees and payment terms between you and also the developers. Also, you ought to fathom the developer’s strategy and policy for post-production support if you’re extremely affected by them.

  1. Time availability to start and complete the project

It is vital for you to know if the developer has enough information measure to begin on your project and complete it in time with full dedication. You don’t wish to rent a developer who can cause you to wait three or four weeks to begin the project, or a developer who can work solely some hours per week on the project. You would like somebody who will get on your project quickly and may devote the specified time per week to stay the pace and interest within the project.


Like the internet development, the mobile app development has additionally become an ever unsteady field. The past years are often titled because the year of Mobile, since we’ve witnessed superb advancement within the mobile realm (whether it’s the mobile devices or mobile technology). Thus, to confirm a property success to your business, it’s become quite imperative to remain updated with the most recent mobile trends.


Now, we’ve stepped into the New Year, there are many mobile app development trends that are expected to rule the mobile devices this year. This text can reveal a number of reasons to hire best app developers and the foremost anticipated mobile app development trends for 2017. These trends are shortlisted whereas keeping the quickly up mobile technology and dynamical user behavior in mind.

Let’s look into the top-notch and the most expected development trends to ensure a remarkable mobile application.


Native apps, mobile net apps or hybrid apps, the controversy that is that the best approach can finally return to an end. Since, it’s anticipated that to proficiently target multiple mobile devices, the mobile net or hybrid apps supply a cheap approach. Thus, to with efficiency reach an inventory of wide-ranging mobile devices, hybrid application could be an abundant wanted alternative for the foremost of the developers. Therefore, it will be same that there’ll be a lot of hybrid or mobile net applications this year.


Today, there’s an inordinateness of mobile devices as well as wearables, Smartphones, tablets, etc., and also the list is just expected to expand within the future. With the increasing range of mobile devices, it’s essential to make sure a swish and seamless integration between the applying knowledge whereas serving multiple devices. Therefore for this, a reliable and secure approach is needed and here it’s the cloud technology. It will create the info syncing a breeze, in order that the applying will run with efficiency on totally different devices.


A final wife is that the most important side of any application. And, the optical phenomenon scrolling has emerged as an absolute thanks to enhance the app style whereas creating it additional intuitive and intriguing. It’ll add additional depth to the app style and helps keep users engaged with the app for extended by creating them additional curious with a storytelling style approach. By group action the optical phenomenon scrolling technique during a mobile application, you’ll build it seem additional fashionable and fascinating, and so deliver a good user expertise. Albeit, there are sure consequences concerned, but that can even be resolved.


While considering this mobile market stats and analytics, it are often determined that android possesses over 80th of the overall market shares, whereas iOS has around 200th shares. Having aforementioned this, one factor is obvious that presently the android user base is well wider than the iOS user base. With these numbers, it’s quite clear that developing android applications are additional helpful to your business than making iOS applications.


The gaming application has forever been the foremost enticing section within the application stores. With the rising craze for multi-player play apps, developers are springing up with a lot of refined approaches to support the accentuating demand. This may be with success accomplished by integration social media and social interaction among apps. This trend can so positively fuel the mobile game trade within the approaching future.


Marketing the appliance is taken into account mutually of the foremost vital step because it primarily contribute to an app success. The techniques for with efficiency promoting the applications are apparently up year once year. Within the last year, the user engagement was thought of because the paramount for promoting an application. With increased offerings like beacons, location primarily based Wi-Fi services and additional, the developers can get an improved thanks to scrutinize their target market base. Thus, they’ll higher able to promote their app to additional loyal and interested potential customers. However, the app store optimization can still be an indispensable issue this year furthermore.

15 Tips for Ensuring Top-Quality Mobile Apps

When developing an app for your business, one amongst the highest priorities is making one that folks truly need to use. Sadly, there’s typically a major disconnect between what an audience wants and what a mobile app offers. Keep the subsequent mobile app development tips in mind to confirm the utmost quality.

Be Proficient with All Target Platforms

All too often, Facebook app developer favors one mobile app platform over another, and it shows within the quality of their work. Ideally, mobile apps ought to be developed by professionals who perceive the distinctive aspects of all of the platforms that they’re targeting. Browse user interface pointers fastidiously to know the obtainable options for every platform. Being acquainted with the visual and activity variations and similarities of assorted platforms permits you to place them to use a lot of effectively.

Don’t Be Biased

Make an attempt to be told to understand all of the foremost fashionable mobile app platforms. Sure, you most likely like one or two over others, however all platforms have their strengths. By embracing variations between app platforms, you’ll get obsessed on planning for every. This enthusiasm can end in product that are actually out of this world.

Don’t Sacrifice Performance for Analytics

For many businesses, mobile apps are additional regarding grouping helpful info than regarding providing services to customers. Still, resist the temptation to impede your app with too several SDKs (software development kits). Apps that are distended with excessive SDKs tend to run slowly, crash typically and drain battery life at a noteworthy speed. Nobody likes apps like these.

Keep Scale in Mind

There is no telling however standard any given app are going to be. It pays to style apps with the belief that they’re going to go viral. That way, there is a lowest risk that your app can fail as a result of thousands of coinciding users. Invariably develop apps with an enormous scale knowledge distribution in mind.

Build Native User Interfaces Last for Cross-Platform Apps

The overwhelming majority of apps are cross-platform ones, that is sensible if you would like yours to be accessible to the biggest range of individuals. Save yourself time and energy by modeling the programming logic off as native net services and building native user interfaces last.

Avoid Redundant Tracking

Going overboard with pursuit may be extremely problematic. Repetitive, redundant pursuit makes it harder to keep up the underlying code as your company expands and evolves and as developers update their APIs.

Use It Yourself

If you’re not already snug with all of the platforms that you just are targeting, attempt your hand in the slightest degree of them to induce a sorrow however they work. A similar applies to your app. try and place yourself in users’ shoes. Would this app address your needs? Would you retain it on your smartphone and use it, or is it a waste of time?

Enable Easy App Integration

Don’t assume that users will not have an interest in sharing info from your app through different apps like Facebook or Gmail. create it straightforward for users to do this by enabling app integration in your mobile app. somewhat further work is concerned, however it’ll create your app more useful and help you avoid going back and doing it later.

Accommodate for Different Design Styles across Platforms

What appearance wonderful on an iOS device might look something however that on an android or Windows OS device. Totally different platforms have different aesthetic qualities, and it pays to grasp these parameters before developing a cross-platform app. fastidiously take into account however your disapproval can translate across platforms and style your app consequently.

Make it Simple

The best apps are easy for around anyone to use. It is simple to lose sight of however individuals with varied degrees of technical art can move with an app, thus ensure to incorporate non-tech-savvy individuals throughout the testing section. Is that the style intuitive enough for newbies? Is that the written content straightforward to understand? Wherever do users appear to induce stuck?

Take Advantage of the Latest Features

Your new app should not be outdated. Avoid this issue by perpetually mistreatment the newest client device SDKs. It also pays to remain up to this point relating to the newest changes and advances in varied platforms. By together with up-to-date options in your app, you are additional seemingly to draw in a wider audience.

Test Often

Apps are usually rush, and testing is that the step that developers are presumably to hurry through. What is worse is that they complete one spherical of tests and decision it sensible. It pays to check early and infrequently — particularly once it involves cross-platform apps, which might quickly cause problems.

Plan for Offline Use

A mobile app is not really “mobile” if it ceases to operate once the device is offline. The most effective apps boast an honest offline practicality, therefore make certain to incorporate it in yours. Knowledge ought to be saved to native storage so it are often reconditioned once the app is opened once more. Any changes will then be synced, for the user to own a seamless online/offline expertise.

Have One Purpose

As tempting because it could also be to cram a lot of options into your app, it is higher to specialize in one and to essentially create it shine. Create it one thing that you are really sensible at which users can truly get pleasure from. That way, they’re less seemingly to induce tripped informed unhelpful, confusing options that never belonged there within the first place.

Embrace Analytics

While you mustn’t exaggerate it with the analytics, you must monitor them frequently to check however folks are faring together with your app. however are they exploitation it? That devices are they accessing it from? ar there options that appear to trip users up and build them abandon the app? By keeping a watch on your analytics, you’ll respond fleetly once problems arise.

8 Reasons Your Business Should Build a Mobile App Now

Mobile App development is currently the foremost vital demand if you wish to stand robust and long within the e-business market. Here are eight reasons why you should approach app development companies currently.


Increasing Number of Smart Phone Users

Masses are more and more taking to sensible phones. The selection of mobile phones within the value vary of Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 has exaggerated drastically in recent years, thanks to that affordability has exaggerated for the common man. A recent survey study showed the amount of such devices has touched around forty million last year. Quite 1/2 these users are younger than twenty 5 years elderly. Researches show that Asian country can shortly become the second largest sensible phone market by user count. It positively means that net usage and applications transfer through mobile can rise.

Mobile Shopping, the Present Trend

In a recent study conducted, it is shown a rapid rate of increase in its on-line searching through mobile phones. Per the Master Card on-line searching Survey 2014, on-line purchases through mobile have full-grown by over 100% within the last 2 years. The statistics clearly mention that, whereas around eightieth of the folks do search on-line, around seventieth have shopped through mobile.

Get an Edge over the Competition

Studies show that, various corporations are afraid to possess a mobile application in the main as a result of value or investment. But, the rise in mobile web usage means that having associate app will undoubtedly provide you with a footing over your competition. Users get additional concerned once app is downloaded. Additional usually than not, it means that conformity of a client.

Business Analytics

Collecting feedback, knowledge on sales and purchases, client background through mobile application become abundant easier. A mobile app will offer an easy resolution to examine what your customers like, their preferences, and their needs. A well-designed app will offer you with several knowledge. You’ll additionally return to grasp regarding client knowledge, their locations, age, outlay limits, etc. By analyzing app transfer knowledge, you’ll get a decent grasp on the quantity of dedicated customers and consumers (potential) for your website. These knowledge may be used once you’re providing tailored communications and potential offers to them.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

It will vastly contribute to complete awareness. A mobile app is the face of a complete. The manner it’s designed, the look, the practicality and therefore the info provided will attract thousands of shoppers. Your client relationship would be directly proportional to the benefit of use and style quality. The additional lovely the app appearance, the additional doubtless it’s to draw customers and purchase product or service.

On a part of client perspective, there are a lot of advantages they realize in a very mobile app.

Ease In Shopping Experience

Since mobile is often out there, the looking expertise through mobile is definitely accessible and convenient. Also, during a mobile application, a user can continuously be logged in in contrast to during a web site. This means, so as to shop for a product quickly, a mobile app is that the most suitable choice.

Promotions/Offers and Options Available

The best benefit of app is Apps. The promotional messages and push notifications accessible in apps facilitate each the whole and client meet up with to every different. With mobile apps, varied offers are accessible at your fingertips. These embrace promotional sales and customized offers. Through push messages, you’ll simply inform customers whether or not their list is available currently or the item they wished to shop for is obtaining out of stock.

Customer Support

Having a mobile app serves an additional purpose – a firm client support. A mobile app will build use of options like notifications, come request on a click, arrangement of the pickup and delivery supported timeframe provided to produce higher support to customers.

With the increasing competition in e-business market, mobile application could be a necessity if you wish to extend the profitableness of your business. To validate this statement, the most effective example is that the recent announcement by one amongst the highest e-retailer within the country – flipkart. They’re coming up with on closing down their mobile web site and is moving onto a mobile app primarily based service.